We teach teens & adults the basics of defensive driving.


We offer the 24 hour state mandated driver’s training program for teenagers between the ages of 15 and 5 months and 18.


For adult drivers, we offer an 8 hour intensive driving course (maneuverability included).


  • Friends and Family Specials are available.
  • Ask us about our unadvertised specials.
  • Payment Plans are available, with half down and $10 fee


Attention Teens

Certificates of Completion are issued at the completion of the course.
You will receive your Certificates of Completion once all requirements are fulfilled.

For your convenience, do not schedule driving exams until you have received your Certificates of Completion.

If your temps are expiring, you may renew them at your local license bureau.

Remedials Class

Offered at A Great Driving Dynamics

Remedial driving courses are mandated by the state of Ohio for the
reinstatement of suspended licenses. Our Remedial driving classes are for clients with suspended licenses, or for clients who just need to credit their license with two extra points.